Our Process – Our Commitment

Our passion is to provide you with a strategy designed to help grow your money faster, manage it better and safeguard it more effectively. It’s worth taking some time to set your goals. Once the discovery phase is completed, we will then develop the strategy to set you on the path towards making your goals a reality. This strategy is reviewed to ensure you are on track towards your destination. Regardless of whether you’re looking for help with a single issue — such as personal insurance or investment advice — or a comprehensive financial plan, our approach to strategy remains the same. This process, constantly evolving and growing as your circumstances change, is part of our ongoing commitment to your advice for life.


Cash flow management is the backbone of a comprehensive financial plan. A sound cash management program will:

  • Maintain appropriate levels of liquid funds for predictable expenses and emergencies
  • Allocate excess funds to be invested for the longer term.

As part of our comprehensive review of your financial situation we will prepare both a current balance sheet and your cash flow projections.


It is investments, not income that have the power to really build wealth for the long run. There are four key elements to our investment philosophy:

  1. STRATEGYDetermine the best strategy for your needs, including timeframes, milestones and the optimal asset mix.
  2. PLATFORMConnecting the strategy with the most appropriate platform — from low-cost industry style funds to multi-functional wrap accounts
  3. INVESTINGPurchasing quality investments which have been extensively researched by ourselves and top Wall Street Firms
  4. REVIEWRegular reviews of your investments to keep up-to-date with global and local market conditions, and the continuing performance of your portfolio


  • What age do you want to be when you retire?
  • What type of lifestyle do you want to lead?

These two important questions are the first steps in planning for your retirement. Many people live well into their 90s, so you need to make sure your retirement income will last the distance. The right advice is about making choices today that will support your future lifestyle. We can help you take control of your finances and grow your retirement income.


Estate Planning is about protecting your legacy — preparing a plan while you are still alive and well to protect your wealth, your wishes and the interests of your loved ones. While estate planning usually has a financial focus, it will also account for non-financial issues, such as:

  • Who will care for any dependent children if you were to pass away
  • Your choice of medical treatment if you become incapable of making your own decisions